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  • Jamie Shannon

Getting everything wrapped up

I'm now, barring any unforeseen changes, about two weeks from handing in my notice at work. I'll most likely work for another three or four weeks and, to be perfectly honest, time couldn't go fast enough.

It all seems a like a long time ago since I first hatched this crazy idea; I lived in a different house, my bank account didn't look so healthy and England were riding high on an unbeaten qualifying run for the 2014 World Cup. How things can change!

After so many months planning and researching, delaying and procrastinating over minute details, I now find myself in a position where one life is drawing to a close and another is opening its doors. I'm thoroughly excited to find myself here.

I have now bought or acquired all the necessary thing's that I think I'll need for such a journey. I have researched countless bits of information that might help me out in times of hardship later on, and I've finally, nearly saved up the amount that I thought I would need. It's finally all coming together but It's not been easy. That much I can say.

With everything about done, I can now just focus on enjoying my last month or so in Amsterdam with some great friends and some awesome days and night's to follow.

Delaying my trip has actually ended up been a great thing as I can now enjoy Amsterdam to it's fullest during the summer; boat rides, parks and trips to the beach are my weakness. Also, I don't have to worry about my savings for the trip anymore as I've been working a little longer anyway thus I can actually live like a 'normal' person until I leave. So, more trip's to the beach, boat rides around the canals, days in the park and eating out are to be enjoyed. It's gonna be concentrated madness!

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