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Having no phone and very little access to the internet will surely mean that I won’t be able to contact people for fairly long periods of time. As annoying as this might be, it’s also one of the things I’m looking forward to most; being out of sight if you like. Having said that, there is a need to keep people back home updated as I’ll miss them and it assures people (my mother) that I’m safe and well.

And so as my journey progresses over the weeks and the months, I’m going to try and post probably irregular updates to this part of the site. I’ll even have some interesting videos to post too. It will just all depend on a number of factors.

I’ll have no internet for most of the time. Maybe, at most, I’ll have access to it for one day or night per week, but outside of Europe, internet connections really become sketchy and slow so these updates might not be as regular as I’d like them to be.

I’ll also have no electricity to charge my laptop constantly thus I might not be able to write about all the things I’d, well, like to right about before I come to a place where I can post about it. If that’s likely to be the case, then I won’t want to sit in a hotel room banging on a keyboard although having said that, sleeping six nights in a tent, I might want to lay on a comfy bed and relax writing. I really can’t be sure at this stage.

All in all however, I’m really going to try and keep this part of the site updated where possible. I’m sure I’ll have some funny and interesting stories to share.

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