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  • Jamie Shannon

Change, change, change...

It was my intention to bring my belongings back to Manchester via train, and then head back to Amsterdam to start my journey from here.

Waking up the other day and realising that a friend was driving around Europe and also through Amsterdam, I had a strange idea that I could actually just cycle home to Manchester instead of bringing my belongings back on a train. There's nothing stopping me from starting this journey here, and If I really do want to do this, I need to start somewhere and so, why not here and now?

With this in mind I'm now as excited as ever and can't wait to get going.

A weeks cycling to Calais, a short hop across the channel on a ferry and then some nice cycling from Dover to Brighton are ahead. How hard can it be? We'll see in the following days I guess.

I'm intrigued to see how difficult it will be to get from Brighton to Manchester as England is certainly jam packed with busy roads. I think i'll get myself a good road map and take the smaller roads as I really want to arrive into Manchester with a fully functioning body and able to sip my first frothy real ale with comfort and ease.

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