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  • Jamie Shannon

Barcelona. It's a big city

Barcelona is a gigantic city and I stayed for two days. I met up with a girl I met way back in Salamanca but she was going to see the running of the bulls in Pamplona, something I wouldn't mind seeing too. I saw lots of sights like la Sagrada Familia which really is as awesome to look at as people say. I enjoyed some good food, cycled 7km's up into the hills surrounding the city and had amazing views. This was quite hard work even though I was on a normal bicycle but then I did get to enjoy the 7km's downhill too. I stayed in two different hostels as the one I wanted to stay in increased their prices by ten euros because it was a Friday. I cycled across town to another in order to save ten euro's but this hostel was obviously being run just for the money. It just didn't have that communal feel you get from a good and proper hostel run by people who actually care.

Oh and if you ever visit Barcelona, don't cycle there as the city is laid out on this incredibly frustrating grid system whereby you have to stop every 300 metres for about five minutes in order to let the traffic through. Arrrah!

Anyway I think that's about it. I headed north reasonably early on the 11th and on towards the border.


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