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  • Jamie Shannon

An update from Tbilisi, Georgia

Well I’ve been in Tbilisi, Georgia for five days now nibbling on my nails and generally sat on the edge of my seat continuously pressing refresh on my inbox to see if I have any news regarding my Azerbaijan visa application. It’s tense and I’m going ever so slightly crazy as the days tick by.

My Chinese visa application couldn’t have gone more smoothly yesterday but I will not hold my breath until I have my passport back in my hands tomorrow morning. Nothing is certain it seems.

On another positive note, my application for my letter of invitation for Uzbekistan was finally accepted but not before some hiccups with the payment. This, I have been informed, will be ready for me on august 19th which will in turn allow me to actually apply for my visa at the Uzbekistan consulate in Baku, Azerbaijan. This, providing I of course, I actually get my Azeri visa in order to travel there. If I don’t, I will have to re-apply for my letter of invitation for Uzbekistan before nominating another consulate in Kazakhstan meaning I will have to fly there from Tbilisi which would screw up everything. It’s just a big visa mess. Welcome to Central Asia!

So I spend my days in this easy going hostel. It’s in nice area and Tbilisi has plenty to see so I suppose it’s not all bad. There is a French guy here too - waiting around for his Iranian visa which he won’t receive until the middle of September. I guess there is always someone worse off you know.

I wake up, check my emails, cook breakfast, check my emails, drink a coffee, check my emails, walk around the city, check my emails, cook dinner, check my emails, drink some beer before finally nodding off to sleep on the couch in the kitchen dreaming about receiving an E – visa for Azerbaijan.

The photos on this post are actually from Batumi as I had nowhere else to put them

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