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  • Jamie Shannon

A new look A Fish Out Of Water

It's a blog about cycle touring, why it's a great way to travel (in my humble opinion) and how to do it on the cheap.

Hi, I'm Jamie and this is my small corner of the internet where I've been hiding during the pandemic. I've revamped the website that I used in order to keep track of my trip to Vietnam by bicycle back in 2016/17 and hey presto, welcome to the new look.

If you're interested in travelling, cycle touring or would just like to see some pretty pictures, then take a look. It covers:

A bicycle trip from England to Vietnam,

Other bicycle trips around Europe and New Zealand

Equipment and wheels to use

Information on sleeping, visas, water etc


And hopefully, some inspiration.......

Check it out. You never know, it might make you as happy as this man below:

I can't however promise it will make you as happy as this gentleman I met in Romania:


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