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How much does travelling by bicycle cost?

Every person budgets differently. Every person travels differently and every person has a different level of comfort that suits them. A budget that lasts a couple of weeks in one place might be blown out of the water when travelling in another country thus there really isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ answer out there.


If you’re taking a two or three week vacation and travelling through western Europe, your budget will look a little different to someone meandering through West Africa for four months. Whilst it’s not only location that dictates your budget, it’s surely a huge factor. A hotel in Europe might cost EUR 50 whereas a place of equal quality might cost EUR 15 in Turkey. The same goes for food costs too. For me at least, it’s all about striking a balance between comfort and necessity. By living fairly frugally, the times when you do enjoy those creature comforts really do hold an allure. 


The only thing I can speak about here is my own personal experience and I’ll delve into that in a little detail below.


As a very general rule of thumb, I budget for EUR 10 per day wherever I am in the world. I equate this to EUR 300 per month as a rough base cost which covers most day to day things including food, drinks, the odd hotel and petrol etc. Of course there are splurges on days that necessitate that but there are also days when I’ll spend no money at all. EUR 300 per month however is just the figure I aim for and this usually covers all my day to day costs no matter where I am and how I’m travelling about.


To be continued….

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